Our Services

Provision Supply​

We supply provision with a huge range of international and domestic quality products at competitive prices. Our range includes fresh, frozen and dry stores, meat and fish, fruit and vegetables and dry stores from local and imported sources.

Spare Parts/Deck Stores/ Engine Stores Supply

Our supply scope covers an entire world of spare parts/Deck Stores/ Engine Stores Supply. From the smallest items – such as a fuse, to the largest engine spare parts for electrical and auxiliary engines and separators, as well as everything.

Garbage Cleaning

We provide garbage cleaning service. We take care of cleansing those unwanted smelly and unsanitary trash cans. Leaving you free from tackling that dreadful chore. 


Sludge Disposal

We provide sludge disposal service. Three to five percent of all crude oil produced is ultimately unusable. When transported in ships or stored in tanks, sludge settles to the bottom of the vessels and containers. We can give sludge disposal service at affordable cost.

Tank Cleaning

We can provide a comprehensive range of ship tank cleaning and surface preparation services, including: HFO tanks, Water ballast tanks with or without surface preparation, Blackwater and grey water tanks and EVAC systems, Freshwater tanks with or without disinfection, All other tanks and VOID-spaces.

Life Raft Servicing

We have Manufacturer Certified Service Technicians for a large range of life raft including: Avon (Coastline and Ocean), BFA, Lifeguard, Plastimo, XM, Zodiac (ALL BRANDS), RFD, Autoflug, Pro-Saver, Ocean Safety ISO, Sea-Safe, Seago, Waypoint and Wetline.  We also handle servicing for Ocean Safety Charter, Larimar, Lalizas, and Plastimar life rafts.

Bunker Supply

We just not only provides bunkering, but also offers a dedicated team of professional and experienced employees for your service. We deliver first-class quality, flexibility, timing and safe operation – and place a strong emphasis on developing close and long-term business relationships.

Chipping & Painting

Our service range includes a wide range of Ship Chipping Service, Ship Scrapping Service, Ship Spray Painting Service, Ship Surface Preparation Service, Ship Sand Blasting Service and Ship Hand Painting Service.


The company offers afloat and emergency repair on vessels both inside and outside harbor as well as assistance and riding squad. We specialize in a broad range of activities from engineering and fabrication work, steelworks and pipe works to electrical works, blasting and painting.

Ship Chandler Service

We provide the most effective and the required services when any ship is anchored at the port. In many cases, the ship also needs certain servicing on its voyage. The ship chandlers are the most effective service providers in this genre.

Ships need to be harbored at the ports in order to get certain services pertaining to the vessel and the crew members. All these requirements of provisions and services are handled by the ship chandlers. Such supplies include foodstuff, oil, water, spare parts and whatever the captain of the ship might require. The responsibility of providing all the necessary services and supplies to all the vessels at the port lies on the shoulders of the ship chandlers. It can be food stock for the rest of the journey for the crew, gasoline or fuel for the ship, providing necessary spare part of the engines or other ship spares, engine oil or crude oil.

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